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About Me

I'm currently a junior Game Arts student studying at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York.


I create digital art that includes environments, characters, and games in both 2D and 3D.
While my subjects vary, they often share a common trait – they can be seen as "busy" or


The reason they might seem "busy" is that I deliberately add many small details, especially
in my environment. However, my aim isn't to annoy viewers; it's to inspire them to create
their own stories.


I want my audience to look at my work and imagine what might be happening in it. The
stories they come up with don't have to match my intentions. I enjoy the idea of people
interpreting my work in their unique ways, without needing me to explain everything. My
art is open for viewers to explore and enjoy without any pressure to understand it in a
particular way.

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  • My skills are broad and proficient, especially in 3D game fields.

  • I consider myself a team player who always makes positive contributions and constantly has tons of strange ideas that bring laughter to the team.

  • A huge cat lover, bad gamer, foodie, and anime lover. 

  • I embrace every culture I encounter and I love to learn new things since I've lived both in Mainland China and the States for years.

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